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Rapid Laner

Rapid Laner

This equipment was designed to provide high speed sortation of individual products into directed lanes. The benefit of this laning method includes the ability to divert products on-the-fly.

It is expandable to nearly any number of lanes by adding divert arms. Also, the equipment is simple and easy to maintain. The only moving parts are the divert rails. Due to the open design, jam occurrence is greatly reduced and easily removed. Further, if product rates don't require servo speed, this concept can be easily converted to a pneumatic system.

In the video, the laner was developed to meet the needs of a challenging laning application where the design criteria specified a rate of 250 9.5"L parts per minute, coupled with the added specification that any one product needed to be able to be delivered to any lane. Essentially the laner needed to be able to shift on-the-fly between every product.

The equipment exceeded the customer rate specification of 250 PPM. Testing has shown product rates of 300 PPM for a 9.5" product. Rates up to 500 PPM are obtainable based on a combination of factors that include product size, width and the number of units delivered per lane per divert.

The Rapid Laner has the ability to divert products individually on the fly.

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