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Electrical Controls

Electrical Controls for Conveyor Systems

Controls Integration

An important aspect of any conveyor system is the electrical controls and the integration with the production line. Unlike a system integrator, Nercon designs both the conveyor system and the electrical controls to work hand-in-hand within the production line. We deliver a fully automated conveyor system with perfectly integrated electrical controls to solve your particular material handling challenges. Nercon combines extensive electrical engineering capabilities with the latest in technology and electrical control devices to bring optimum results for material handling systems.

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Underwriter Laboratory (UL) Listed

Some integrators need to outsource their electrical panels to meet Underwriter Laboratory (UL) listed standards adding to project lead times. Nercon's in-house electrical controls shop is an established UL listed control panel designer and assembler. Nercon provides far more testing of our electrical controls to meet UL nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards. This ensures the safety and longevity of our control panels from wear and tear of everyday production output.   

Simple to Complex Designs

Nercon’s simplest conveyor systems move product from point A to point B with minimal turns and curves. Sensors like photos eyes, limit switches and proximity sensors are simple controls applications that stop and start products and maintain smooth production flow.

With capabilities to manufacture UL listed stainless steel NEMA 4 and 4X enclosures, our more advanced electrical controls integration designs have all the advantages of a single source supplier. Nercon’s human-machine interface (HMI), programmable logic controllers (PLC), and variable frequency drives (VFD) connect conveyor systems with more complex processing equipment optimizing production throughput.


Nercon has the in-house experience and ability to engineer electrical controls for conveyor systems using multiple hardware and software systems to seamlessly integrate with upstream and downstream material handling applications. Planning for the future, we can also make future updates and adjustments as product handling needs change.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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  How can I increase efficiencies using line integration and controls on an existing line?

If your low efficiency is from machines stopping and starting due to inconsistent product flow, then line integration in the form of speed modulation may be your best solution.  If your downtime is related to replenishment of supplies, such as film for an over wrapper, then additional buffering through accumulation will increase your line efficiencies.

  How can I gather data on efficiencies for my line?

In the simplest form you can manually track the downtime with a pencil and paper.  Since most operator interfaces have built in historians, adding one to your system is a cost effective approach to identifying trends.  Typically data is gathered in the Logic Controller from tag values used in line integration and error detection, this information is then just displayed on the operator interface. 

  What is the trade-off on using older packaging equipment compared to new equipment with their controls capabilities?

If the existing equipment will run at the required rates, the question becomes why fix something that isn't broken?  Consider the life cycle stage of the machine:  If the cost to upgrade an older machine to the level of communications required for line integration - is significant - then you might just consider replacing the machine.  On the other hand, upgraded controls could realize the savings in efficiencies due to reduced downtime because of the improved diagnostics.

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Electrical Controls


Industrial Remote Access ~ Ewon Cosy

Now more than ever, the need to keep productions lines running at top performance while minimizing unnecessary visitor access to key production facilities, is critical to the safety of employees, their families and those people who rely on the products they produce. To help with these efforts, Nercon offers the Ewon Cosy to provide easy remote, secure access to industrial devices such as PLCs and HMIs. Remote access availability allows the end-user to receive expert troubleshooting assistance, feature enhancements and optimization from Nercon in a fraction of the time and expense, of an in-person service trip. 

With the Ewon Cosy installed and connected to a Nercon conveyor system the end-user can benefit from:

  • Prompt response when service is required*
  • Lower service costs
  • Reduced downtime

*Purchase agreement needed for Ewon Cosy support

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