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Activated Roller Belt™ Technology: Real-time Lane Diverting

February 05, 2013

In the video, an ARB™ (Activated Roller Belt™) Conveyor unit shows on-the-fly laning operations.  The technology aligns products uniformly without the use of rails which not only reduces equipment and change-over costs, but also minimizes labor costs in clearing jams or correcting stoppages.

The concept with ARB™ technology (licensed by Introlox®) is the integration of small rollers into the plastic belt and engaging them to control the motion of the packages traveling on the belt surface. By controlling the engagement of the transport roller, the motion of the package can be pre-determined. This technology can be utilized in turning, switching, merging, singulating and laning conveying applications.

Attributes for ARB™ systems include:

Flexibility: The roller-top belt is modular in design. Repairs to sections can be made by pulling the pin and exchanging the section.

Adaptability: The Activated Roller Belt™ conveyor systems can handle a variety of sizes and shapes of products in real-time with no change-over required.

Speed: Depending on the application, speeds for ARB™ systems can reach up to 200 packages per minute.

Reliability: Without guide rails and complex gating, production lines using ARB™ technology show a significant reduction in breakdowns and jams.

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