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Conveyor Systems for Frozen Foods

Food-Safe and Cold Room Conveyor Systems

A high degree of knowledge is crucial to the success of new conveyor lines and equipment in a manufacturing environment with a temperature range of -40° to 32° F. The water content of frozen foods makes them fragile to transport from high speeds or high temperatures which can cause thawing through friction or processing, damaging the products' integrity.  

Keep It Clean – Nercon's Advantage 

Nercon’s HydroCore® conveyors are uniquely innovative sanitary conveyor designs known for its versatility and durability adding value across frozen food processing lines from receiving and pre-treatment to packaging with:

  • Food-grade components
  • Enhanced sanitation efficiency
  • Fast start-up efficiency due to match-marked removable components
  • Stands up to rigorous sanitation practices (COP) and regular daily hygienic procedures (CIP) 

These conveyors are easily cleanable, made for washdown environments and were designed to gently transport the products with a desired throughput speed, preventing unwanted thawing and maintaining product integrity.

Primary and Secondary Packaging Conveyors

Frozen food handling experience is important when designing a conveyor system for this type of enviornment. Nercon understands these requirements and created flexible and reliable ProCore® conveyors, ideal for moving frozen foods both to and from the freezer and from processing to packaging. Nercon's ProCore conveyor systems are engineered with a purpose of maximizing your packaging line performance, reducing changeover times and getting your product from point A to point B as efficiently as possible while reducing the risk of damaging fragile products.

Nercon offers over 35 years of experience in our knowledge base that includes: 

  • Bulk handling sanitary equipment  
  • Belts that can withstand wet, frozen products, and environments 
  • Cold room packaging lines where beltings, drives, rods, and sprockets allow water and product to flow easily 
  • Bulk or case end-of-line conveyors 

Nercon’s line layout and engineering concepts focus on worker ergonomics, reducing cold room man hours, maximizing throughput, energy efficiencies and minimizing waste. 



Nercon has expertise in engineering bulk cold room conveyors such as:

  • Tote Systems
  • Hopper Systems
  • Combining Conveyors
  • Sorting Conveyors



Cold room conveyor systems engineered by Nercon can handle various types of frozen ingredients and finished products:

  • Ice Cream Containers
  • Desserts
  • Snacks
  • Breakfast Foods
  • Entrees
  • Ready-to-Eat Meals
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Pizza
  • Frozen Dinner Packaging

Nercon has also manufactured conveyors in cold environments to handle:

  • Cases 
  • Totes
  • Pallets
  • Pouches


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Bulk Frozen Food Handling

Nercon engineered this hopper system to handle frozen ingredients. It was engineered to cold room and clean room specifications.

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