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Retractable Access Gate

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Safety and Efficiency

Performing equipment change-outs, gaining safe access to hard-to-reach areas, and reducing steps with a passage on the production floor, are all solutions provided by Nercon’s retractable conveyor. The retractable conveyor can be manually opened, with a hand crank, while the conveyor is running, with standard openings ranging from 30" up to 60".

Designed to horizontally retract into itself, the retractable conveyor provides personnel, fork trucks and other moving equipment unrestricted access around the production floor. The use of a retractable conveyor can reduce the overall production line footprint by eliminating the need to design around traffic patterns and promotes a safer environment with employees no longer walking under conveyors when navigating the production floor.

Changing out equipment on a production line can have challenges when equipment isn’t the same size and there is a gap between equipment. It can also be a costly downtime issue to “rebuild” the line and make sure everything lines up with a smooth transition. Nercon’s retractable conveyor solves this with a simple crank of the handle. No rebuilding of the line for equipment changeouts. The retractable conveyor opens or closes to smoothly join the line with the process equipment. 


  • Reduce pinch points
  • Passage for fork trucks, carts and personnel
  • Eliminates lifting of heavy gate
  • Optimal use of manufacturing space 
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Retractable Conveyor

Hand Crank to Open and Close Gate

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