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Conveyor Services Offered by Nercon

Our quality, cost reduction and experience are Nercon's core offerings to manufacturers of food and consumable goods seeking conveyor and material handling equipment. Nercon continually invests in its sizeable facilities, advanced fabrication machinery and recruits dedicated skilled and experienced labor to maintain that position.

With a combined total of 250,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, Nercon has one of the largest

facilities of conveyor manufacturers.  We are able to assemble large integrated conveyor systems in the confines of our facility. Valuable set up time in the customer’s plant is kept to a minimum because we are able to perform factory tests as well as wire up control panels, debug and adjust functional parameters right at our facility. Factory testing allows modifications to be made at our plant - saving time and costs as compared to making changes at the customer’s plant.

The corporate office, located in Neenah, Wisconsin, is a modern, state-of the-art facility that improves office efficiencies. This location offers Nercon a larger pool of professional employees from the Fox Valley area, which brings more talented experts who deliver solutions that solve our customer's objectives. The largest of Nercon's two facilities, Nercon Manufacturing is located in Oconto, Wisconsin. In Oconto, the assembly floor is continuously busy with a variety of projects where engineers have daily interface with the manufacturing process. All of fabrication machinery is located here as well as our extensive assembly floor space.

A closer look at fabrication equipment demonstrates Nercon’s commitment to speed and accuracy. Starting with CNC machinery and the integration of CAD, you will get a perfect part every time, so there is no reworking of parts to make them fit. The equipment can also produce exact spare parts from the database; and the sophistication of the CNC equipment allows Nercon to produce components that might not otherwise be achieved. Whenever possible, we have taken the manual operations out of part production and redesigned it for high speed and highly accurate CNC production. In fact, Nercon’s capable use of state-of-the-art fabrication equipment has recently increased throughput by 35%, reduced direct labor by 30% while controlling parts delivery to the assembly floor - with no dependency on subcontractors.

Nercon's capabilities also include our UL approved panel shop so customer’s can benefit from compliant electrical panels on delivery of their conveyor system and electrical controls packages.

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