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Exclusively for new or existing Nercon Conveyor ~ ONLY

Rapid Rail Adjustment

Rapid-Rail® is engineered to simplify changeovers on the packaging line. Rapid-Rail® offers a single point, easy-to-use hand adjustment of guide rails to accommodate multiple package sizes on the same piece of equipment. Now several points along the conveyor, over a long distance, can be controlled from one location on the line.

Nercon employs a simplified, more economical design on Rapid-Rail® that limits the number of moving parts. With a repeatable system, it’s easy to fine-tune the path as products go through the turn. The new design also enables operators to add a motor and control any adjustments right from a conventional control system.

Watch a video below to learn more about our hand or electronic patented Rapid-Rail® packaging line guide rails adjustment.

The value to packaging customers is multi-fold. Time savings with Nercon’s Rapid-Rail® is HUGE! On a long carton conveyor line with numerous guard rail brackets, it could take several hours for rail adjustments to changeover to different size cartons. With Rapid-Rail®, all adjustments are made from only a few locations and affect all points along the line. Change from 32 oz. bottles to 16 oz. bottles in a minute with Rapid-Rail®. The equipment works equally well with any type of grocery packaged product.

Exclusively for new or existing Nercon Conveyor



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