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Changeover Conveyors with Easy Pin-in-Place System

November 21, 2011

Pin-in-PlaceHere is another example of the ingenuity created by collaboration between Nercon’s engineers and a customer with production challenges.

A moderate speed case handling line, this conveyor system transports cases to automatic case packing operations down-stream. One of the production scenarios is unique, however, which requires manual case loading.

A pin-in-place system was designed, so that the guide rail shown in the photo can be easily moved in seconds. The operator can use the handle (see photo) to move the gate and the pin is simply placed in the other position.

We have extensive information on conveyor engineering tips that provide quick changeover ideas. For more information, read our white paper “Packaging Line Changeover.”  The editorial takes a look at the dynamics impacting changeover times on a packaging line.  Download the white paper and discover when new conveyors and add-ons can help changeover strategies, when they can’t and factors to consider in making the right decision. 

Download White Paper

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