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Conveyor 101: Changing up Bump Turns

November 06, 2012

Another example of simple changeover innovation is in this adjustable bump turn. A bump turn is a device that facilitates the reorientation of product traveling on a conveyor which is often required when feeding packaging machines. These devices come in as many configurations as the diversity in the packages themselves. The bump can be a bar, an arrangement of the guide rail, a roller or a special UHMW shape.

It is very important in these turning solutions that the bump device always contacts the package in the same place on every package.  A ratchet handle which holds the device in place on a slide, combined with a bolt-on ruler guide, allows the device to be adjustable for multiple sizes of trays.

The customer, a large co-packer, uses the device for two existing tray sizes but is completely adaptable as the product line grows.

This device was a low cost add-on to the project and takes less than a minute to adjust.

For more information on changeover conveyor technology, click the button below to download Nercon's white paper, "How to Improve Changeover Efficiencies Using Conveyor Technology."

White Paper Download

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