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Conveyor Line Changeover: Adjustable Guide Rails using Hand Wheels

August 10, 2012

Hand wheel adjustable guide rail assemblies are a manual, tool-less changeover option for quick changing packaging lines. One hand wheel can adjust one or both sides of the rail and is positioned at a convenient location for the operator. Hand-wheel assemblies also allow for infinate guide rail widths between the minimum and maximum guide rail allowance.

The video begins with a changeover demonstration of a C-Gripper that is used in the packaging line to elevate and invert tubs. The second part of the clip shows a hand wheel assembly that adjusts both sides of the conveyor rail.

Hand wheels that are integrated with a digital counter allows for exact placement of the rail. There is a moderate cost associated to this system upgrade, but the man hours are greatly reduced because entire zones can be adjusted with one position.

Depending on the application, one hand wheel located in the center of the conveyor section should be able to adjust 30 feet of rail in either direction for a total of 60 feet. The number of lanes and turns in the application must be taken into account when engineering hand wheel guide rail adjustment systems.

Hand wheel assemblies and best practices were highlighted in our website, “How to Cut Changeover Time using Conveyor Technology.” For more information on manual, zoned and automatic changeover solutions, download our white paper:

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