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Conveyor Project Planning

December 01, 2015

Conveyor SystemAs many companies are wrapping up this year's conveyor projects, and new plans are in progress for 2016. Several decisions are involved in conveyor project planning, and results need to meet the end goal of efficient product handling for manimum production output. Below are four aspects to consider when evaluating a conveyor system project for the future.





Operating/Manufacturing Environment

Humidity:  has an effect on how the product is handled as well as the types of materials needed to consistently convey the products.

  • What is the humidity level?
  • Does the humidity level change with the seasons or is the environment controlled?
  • Is the environment wet or dry?
  • Are you working in a frozen/cold environment?
    • Condensation may cause the products to slip while being handled.
Product Variety
  • Do your lines convey a variety of products that range in size, shape and weight?
  • Will you be handling products that require different conveyor belts to be used throughout the system?
  • How often are lines changed over for different products?
Sanitation Requirements
  • Is your production environment one that needs to be washed down or sanitized?
  • What types of chemicals are utilized in your procedures?
  • What types of raw products are you handling?
    • Different levels of raw food call for different sanitation requirements.
How often do you modify your line configuration?
  • Are you frequently adding new products or changing packaging designs and materials, which require you to change conveyor systems?
    • If products and production lines are changed regularly, a modular design may be a solution that will suit your needs.

These four elements are just a starting point for evaluating the needs and requirments when putting together a new conveyor system or adding on to an existing system. As you work through your planning process and develop questions, please contact one of our sales team experts, at www.nerconconveyors.com, to help answer any questions. 


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