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Designed with Purpose® to Quickly and Effectively Keep up with 2020 Sanitation Demands

November 03, 2020

When it comes to manufacturing food or health and beauty products, eliminating cross-contamination isn’t a recommendation—it’s a necessity. With increased allergen warnings required by the FDA, a pandemic in our midst and more informed consumers, having a 100% cleanable conveyor system that keeps up with increasing sanitation requirements without adding more downtime is needed now more than ever before.

Step 1: Eliminate Bacterial Points First
To keep sanitization time at a minimum, our team of engineers focused the design of our HydroCore® line of conveyors on reducing the need for cleaning in the first place. With hygienic clean-in-place (CIP) models and sanitary clean-out of-place (COP) options, our engineers eliminated tubular components that can be difficult to clean in favor of angular components and added seamless welds to further remove any gaps or crevices that can harbor bacteria. Component materials like stainless steel and specialized belt substrates are carefully selected to improve cleanability and ensure they’re durable enough to withstand high-powered cleaning (up to 1,500 PSI washdown pressure!) as well as moderate use of corrosive chemicals.

Step 2: Minimize Downtime with Simplistic Design
While we’ve removed as many spots as possible that can hide and harbor bacteria, the systems must still be cleaned regularly, and we’ve engineered our lines to make that easier, too. To speed up disassembly, we removed fasteners and the need for tools to take apart the lines. The removable parts are match-marked with unique identifiers to make reassembly just as simple so you can reduce downtime and increase line efficiency. To improve access, components like guide rails and wear strips are designed to be removable, and on the Sanitary Flat Belt Conveyor, for example, one person can release the chain so they don’t have to walk around or have a second person assist.

The Nercon Difference
As with all our products and solutions, HydroCore® hygienic conveyor systems are designed and manufactured to help keep our customers moving in ways that are faster and more efficient with fewer repairs, less time between product changeovers, more uptime and increased profit margins. Our team of engineers is constantly searching for ways to improve our equipment and testing every component to the breaking point so we can improve our designs with the best and strongest parts.


Want to learn more about our HydroCore® conveyor solutions? Check them out here, or see some in action by registering for our live demos at PACK EXPO Connects

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