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Full-System Approach for Nercon's Electrical Controls

May 03, 2021

Full-System Approach Provides Competitive Edge
for Nercon’s Electrical Controls


For some, it may come as a surprise that a company employing about 125 people at two locations in Wisconsin would have its own UL-certified electrical controls shop in-house. But at Nercon, a leading U.S. conveyor systems manufacturer, this is exactly what you’ll find.

Unlike a systems integrator, Nercon designs both the conveyor and conveyor electrical controls system to work hand-in-hand within the larger production line. When designed together, a conveyor and integrated control system can help streamline customer’s operations and improve production rates—all with minimal labor and commissioning time.

Traffic Cop

Nercon provides a rich list of electrical control capabilities, including:

  • Motor Control Centers
  • PLC Control Centers
  • Servo Drive Systems
  • Pick and Place Control
  • Bar Code Identification
  • Color Identification
  • Speed Control Modulation
  • Counting and Collating
  • Part Presence
  • Inspecting
  • Sorting
  • Tracking
  • Diverging
  • Combining and Rejecting






“Nercon handles electrical controls extremely well in a competitive industry,” said Debbie Hoff, Nercon Integrated Marketing Specialist. “We have engineers with a strong electrical engineering foundation, and they build on that once they get here by acquiring a well-rounded education of conveyor systems alongside their electrical experience. Some of our electrical engineers have been with Nercon for 15-20 years and they not only know electrical engineering, but they know conveyor systems, too, through their collaborative work with other engineers.”

Of course, for Nercon, this is no accident. It’s strategic and purposeful.

“Nercon leadership is very progressive and focused on providing the highest standards in quality for everything we do,” Hoff explained. “When we put our name on something, we want it to represent the highest quality possible in the industry, regardless of our size. We hire the best and teach them the rest using a highly integrated, cross-functional approach.”


Nercon’s Conveyor Manufacturing Expertise Helps Predict Problem Spot

Because at their core, Nercon is a conveyor manufacturer, when it comes to integrating electrical controls and conveyor systems with customers’ equipment like packers, fillers and labeling machines, Nercon is always asking, "How will our conveyor machine work well with these?”

“We are always thinking about that,” said Brunmeier. “It’s knowing exactly which questions to ask.”

Knowing which questions to ask is a byproduct of experienced engineers working together to solve problems for hundreds of Nercon clients over the years.

“Things can change from the time a project comes into Nercon to the time you really sink your teeth into designing a solution,” said Brunmeier. “We can draw on our vast experience with a variety of customers, our cross-functional teams and conveyor manufacturing experience to predict a customer’s needs and identify the real problems and solutions needed very quickly.”

Plus, Nercon’s conveyor system expertise also helps the controls teams predict exactly where problem spots might occur.

“We put more attention on the overall design of the system and what needs the customer has to plan ahead and predict what will be needed in the electrical controls and mechanical design to work together to meet and exceed the customer's goals and expectations,” said Ben Klubertanz, an electrical project engineer for 18 years at Nercon. “Taking a holistic look at the project allows us to be much more effective in our design.”

Multi-Lane Hold Down



In-house Testing Results in Faster Start-ups and Better Productivity

Because high-quality electrical controls expertise is housed within Nercon, that also means that integrated systems are stress-tested right inside of Nercon’s facilities—before ever going to the customer. This translates to instant productivity once it arrives on the production floor, unlike other competitive systems integrators.

“Devices are mounted and factory wired here, and then we test the equipment here at Nercon to make sure it starts up as designed,” explained Klubertanz. “Some of our competitors need to do this at the customer’s site which can lead to hidden costs and long delays of the overall startup of the production line.”


In-house UL-Certification Results in Higher Quality

While some integrators need to outsource their electrical panels to meet Underwriter Laboratory (UL) listed standards adding to project lead times, that’s not the case at Nercon. Nercon has its own, in-house electrical controls shop that's also an established UL listed control panel designer and assembler. Nercon provides far more in-depth testing of electrical controls than other systems integrators to meet UL nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards. This ensures the safety and longevity of Nercon control panels through designs that protect them from the wear and tear of everyday production output by adhering to higher-quality design standards.









UL Controls Panel




Purposeful hiring, an integrated approach, in-house testing capabilities and UL certification all help set Nercon’s electrical controls capabilities apart from its competition. Are you ready for better design and productivity? 

Contact us about your next electrical controls project and experience the Nercon difference.

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