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Getting It Right with Sanitary Conveyors for Dairy Product Lines

June 06, 2023

It’s National Dairy Month, a time to celebrate the health benefits of milk, yogurt, cheese, and sour cream. (With ice cream, it’s the happiness and well-being benefits that count!) Dairy product manufacturers are in the spotlight in June, so delivering high-quality, safe products to consumers is paramount.


Ensuring that conveyors for dairy product lines are both sanitary and safe is harder than it sounds, though. “You want the conveyor to be open and accessible for thorough cleaning and shorter sanitation times, but also guarded to keep employees safe,” says Jason Gazzana, Account Manager and engineer at Nercon. “It’s an ongoing effort to balance the different aspects of safety, and we’re constantly looking for new ideas to achieve that balance even better.” 


One of the ways Nercon drives both sanitation and safety in conveyors is with a unique design developed specifically for cleanability, food safety, inspection, maintenance, and sanitation. Nercon’s HydroCore® family of hygienic conveyors uses angle construction in place of tubular components in order to reduce bacterial harborage points. Supports and standoffs are channeled and angled to minimize the amount of flat surface, so water does not accumulate. The guide rail and wear strip designs eliminate fasteners for less contamination, too.  


At the same time, HydroCore conveyors feature tool-less disassembly and a belt lift to reduce sanitation time and complication. The belt can be released on either side of the conveyor by a single operator, saving steps and time. HydroCore conveyors are proven to stand up to rigorous sanitation practices and regular daily hygienic procedures.  


“We understand that dairy product manufacturers have varying requirements for sanitation on their lines, so we offer three different sanitary levels in our HydroCore family,” says Brian Hagens, Application Proposal Specialist, and engineer at Nercon. “This flexibility in hygienic conveyors means we can offer every customer the best solution for their needs at the best price point.” See the HydroCore technical overview. 


If you’re looking for a safer, more efficient solution for hygienic conveyors, call Nercon at 844-293-2814 or contact us online. Let’s talk about getting more of your dairy products safely to market. 

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