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Keeping It Clean: Innovations That Reduce Contamination Risks in Dairy Processing

May 13, 2024

Holstein Cow in FieldIs your dairy processing operation milking every opportunity to reduce contamination risks?

Conveyor equipment is a critical component in robust safety systems in dairy processing manufacturing. At Nercon, we’re continually improving our conveyors to help dairy manufacturers keep it clean while also advancing operational efficiency, durability and reliability.

Three innovations we’re highlighting right now:

  • Angle construction vs. tubular components – Nercon’s HydroCore® family of hygienic conveyors is designed with angle construction to reduce bacterial harborage points. Supports and standoffs are channeled and angled to minimize the amount of flat surface, so water does not accumulate.
  • Unique removable guide rail design that eliminates fasteners for less contamination while providing more stability and easier COP. HydroCore conveyors are easy to fully disassemble for COP, and are fully wash-down capable for CIP.
  • Sanitation levels dialed in to line requirements – Because dairy processing manufacturers have varying requirements for sanitation on their lines, choosing the appropriate level of sanitary level of conveyor is essential for maintaining food safety and line efficiency while also controlling costs. Nercon uses different grades of steel, FDA-approved food-  plastics materials, and tailored construction in HydroCore Sanitary Levels I, II and III conveyors to give manufacturers flexibility as they design dairy production operations to meet food safety requirements.

Let’s Talk!

Reduction of contamination risks in dairy processing manufacturing is an ongoing fight. With constant innovations in conveyor design, materials and flexibility, there’s always more to learn. Let’s have a conversation about the challenges you’re facing on your dairy production lines. Contact us online or give us a call at 844-293-2814 to speak directly with our conveyor experts.

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