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Live Drum Spiral conveyors Offer No Changeover as a Benefit

July 16, 2013

Live Drum Spiral ConveyorThe Live Drum Spiral Conveyor is a continuous flow as well as mass flow (like in the photo) elevator. This equipment does not require product pushing or clamping for the infeed. It can be used in multi-SKU packaging and multi-size case handling lines because there is no need for guide rail changeover.

Many package types and even extreme package size differences can be conveyed on the Live Drum Spiral as long as it fits on the chain and between the tiers.

The Live Drum Spiral Conveyor can be designed for maximum product stability for mass flow products by lowering the amount of incline or decline. The elevator preserves valuable floor space compared to incline conveyors or Alpine systems.

Live Drum Spiral Conveyors are used when higher rates are required for the application and also for high capacity production requirements.

Regardless of the conveyor length, the rotating stainless steel drum imparts the driving force to the inside edge of the belt creating very low tension on the belt. With reduced belt tension, the equipment offers lower maintenance than competing high tension elevators.

For more information, photo gallery and video, visit Nercon’s web page on the Live Drum Spiral Conveyor.

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