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Nercon Continues Commitment to Providing Customer Value

August 05, 2015

Mat-Style ConveyorThe foundation of Nercon's business model is providing our customers with value in the increasingly competitive manufacturing arena. Our vision statement of “Be the leader in customer value, best price for needed function,” is more of a reality than ever before with the recent strides we have taken in our processes- from system concept through customer install. We recognize that our customer’s time and resources are at a premium more than ever before and being able to provide our product and services successfully to meet these growing demands is a must. By streamlining many of our processes and giving our customer choices they are able to look at what they want and what they need and evaluate that against the different cost and lead time associated with each of their choices.

ProCoreTM Equipment Line

Our ProCoreTM line is our latest company initiative to provide value and flexibility to our customers. By combing the use of standardized equipment and designs we are able to save customers money and time wherever possible. The ProCoreTM line is increasing in variety and offerings, as we are able to build off of customer feedback and look at the trends we see in systems purchased. Currently we offer ProCoreTM in tabletop, mat-style, and belt varieties of conveyor. Current tabletop ProCoreTM lines exist in 3.25, 4.5, 7.5, and 12 inch wide chain with open frame design and include a variety of length increments, frame depths, copes, and either an end drive or center drive. The mat-style ProCoreTM line is similar in variety but can be found in different chain widths of 6, 12, 18, and 24-inch and is an open top design. Recently, we have also rolled out our ProCoreTM belt line that is offered in 4, 8, 12, 18, and 24-inch wide varieties in order to efficiently and effectively provide value to our growing belt conveyor customer base. By capitalizing on proven design and standardized components, using any of the components on our preferred lines will help our customers limit the use of their valuable resources and hit project installs in a timely manner.

Value Proposal

The value proposal is a concept that our sales and applications engineering department have implemented based on leveraging our preferred equipment lines to provide a well-functioning, cost savings solution to the customer whenever possible and acceptable. By evaluating the needs of your application, our sales and applications department will craft a quote that utilizes as many preferred components as possible. We are able to adhere to your product handling and environmental constraints, and offer a price for a solution that we stand behind; one that ensures the shortest delivery time and highest cost savings. In addition to the value quote, the customer will have the visibility and flexibility of customizing their system with certain "non-preferred" components that they must have. Any special customer requests will be line itemed out below the value quote price and the additional cost of these special components, and a total system cost will be shown at the bottom of the proposal. This gives the customer the best of both worlds, in a sense; they are able to decide what components are truly justified and custom craft their quote in a way that meets their functionality demands as well as their budget demands.

 Single Source Manufacturing

Production PaintingNone of this would be possible without one of the premier manufacturing facilities in our industry. With a combined manufacturing capacity of over 250,000 square feet we are able to manufacture our systems from fabrication through FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) all under one roof. From the moment a project is released into manufacturing, the CNC equipment is integrated with the associated CAD, eliminating mistakes and creating ideal parts that are easily repeatable. As an Allen Bradley build partner and UL approved panel shop, our customers can leverage our controls capabilities instead of having to contract out to yet another vendor. In addition to creating all components in house, we are able to assemble mechanical components, wire up control panels and debug, and simulate the line in order to eliminate as much field install time as possible. Our detailed engineering is also housed at this facility giving our systems the unique quality of being looked at on a daily basis by eyes from different disciplines within the manufacturing process. The basis of all of these things is that we are consistently listening to our customers and keeping at the front end of manufacturing trends in order to continually improve our product and increase the value we are able to provide to our customer’s production lines. As recently as 2014 we made a significant investment to provide a full service powder coat paint line in house, eliminating the cost and time associated with applications that do not require stainless steel construction.

To learn more about Nercon’s product offerings or if you have an application that needs to be analyzed, please visit our website at www.nerconconveyors.com

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