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Nercon Drives Efficiency in Pet Food Production Lines

February 22, 2023

Nercon Helps Pet Food Producers Capitalize on Human-Pet Crossover Trend

Pet industry leaders are investing in production equipment to capitalize on the growing market for healthy, natural, and sustainably produced pet food. The humanization of pet products is a primary driver for capital spending, according to a 2022 CRB Group report. For years, major pet food manufacturers such as Nestle Purina and Mars Petcare have relied on Nercon’s quality in food-safe conveyor systems to help them meet sanitary and food safety industry standards. As they expand and competitors enter the market, demand for high-quality conveyor equipment that meets pet food production requirements is growing.


Nercon’s 6-8 Week Delivery is Standard

Nercon’s Sanitary Z Incline Conveyor is a solid fit for pet food producers looking to meet compliance requirements and quickly make gains in production efficiency. Nercon’s standard turnaround time for the Sanitary Z Incline is six to eight weeks.

We can ensure consistent quality and fast delivery times because we design and manufacture our conveyors in our Wisconsin facility.

Available in a variety of hygienic flights, scoops, and synchronized sidewalls, the Sanitary Z Incline conveyor gently carries loose and bulk-wrapped and unwrapped products between multiple levels with speed and reliability. Its patented sanitary belting design minimizes product fallback to ensure product quality while at the same time, reducing costs with unparalleled belt life and minimal component wear. It is particularly useful for handling bulk products such as kibble that require elevation for vertical filling.  Watch the video.

The Sanitary Z Incline can also handle bags, cartons, and pouches, making it a strategic long-term investment as manufacturers continue to develop new products and soft or rigid packaging that is consistent with pet parent preferences. 


77% of U.S. consumers who purchase human-grade pet food say it’s important for the packaging of those products to be recyclable.

Source: Pet Category Opportunities Inspired by Human Health Trends, MarketPlace 2022

Manufacturers that choose the Sanitary Z Incline also gain versatility. The conveyor can be suspended from the ceiling with hangers or mounted to the floor with support legs. The caster wheel option allows the conveyor to be portable and rolled into another room for cleaning or other locations along the line to accommodate different processes.

Built for Rapid Cleaning and Sanitation

The Sanitary Z Incline is part of Nercon’s HydroCore® line of conveyors, designed to reduce bacterial harborage points and maximize productivity through rapid sanitation and maintenance processes. The HydroCore family offers innovation at several hygienic levels to help producers efficiently meet varying requirements for cleanability and food safety.  Read the technical overview.

The Sanitary Z Incline adds value to pet food production lines:

  • Fast start-up efficiency with match-marked removable components
  • Stands up to rigorous sanitation practices and regular daily hygienic procedures
  • Made with food-grade components without tubular components to reduce bacterial harborage points
  • Tool-less disassembly simplifies sanitation processes
  • Performs as a standalone unit or part of a complete line system

Learn more about Nercon’s approach to sanitary conveyors.


Quality at Every Turn

Nercon’s Bi-Directional Accumulation Table is also widely used by major pet food producers. The Bi-Di Accumulator gently and efficiently handles canned wet food and treats or biscuits in plastic containers for a range of purposes:

  • Temporary storage when production flow is interrupted by a product blockage, malfunction, or machine adjustment
  • Accumulation between fillers, pasteurizers, and labelers
  • Accumulation between case packers, cleaners, and other packaging equipment

Nercon offers a made-to-order Bi-Directional Accumulation Table design. Our experts can recommend options to tailor the equipment for specific applications. Watch the video






Serving Multiple Pet Industry Applications

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