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Nercon Live-Drum Spiral Advantages

October 06, 2015

Live Drum SpiralNercon Live Drum Spiral Conveyor

Nercon Engineering and Manufacturing has a spiral system that utilizes a cylindrical drum that drives the chain.

Benefits of the Drum Spiral include:

  • Low chain tension
  • Increased elevation opportunities and capacity
  • Product range versatility
  • Low maintenance

Regardless of the conveyor length, the rotating stainless steel drum imparts the driving force to the inside edge ofthe chain, creating very low tension on the chain. The low tension allows capabilities of longer runs and more revolutions in the spiral design.

This low-tension Live-Drum Spiral having longer runs and multiple tiers in its design can attain higher elevation changes compared to shaft and sprocket driven high-tension spirals. High-tension spirals are limited in the quantity of tiers, but the Live-Drum Spiral’s extremely effective edge wrap driving force maintains low tension throughout multiple tiers allowing for high elevation designs.

Most products that can be transported on a conveyor can also travel on a Live-Drum Spiral system. The uniform slope of the Drum Spiral Conveyor assures no disturbance of product flow. Items such as jars, tubs, cups, bundles, cans, bags, pouches, pans, totes, and cases can be transported on the Drum Spiral.

Low maintenance is another advantage of the low tension Live-Drum Spiral. High tension spirals have multiple drives, motors, bearings, rollers and a lot of moving parts to maintain. The low-tension operation of the Drum Spiral results in longer life of the two drives, chain and other components in the system. The unit link belting utilized in the Live-Drum Spiral allow for quick repairs.

How Does The Low-tension Live-Drum Spiral Work?

One motor powers the cylindrical drum, which drives the chain in a helix path around the drum. Another low horsepower motor powers the belt. The counterweight in the take-up system is utilized to remove slack in the belt to allow for normal mechanical elongation and thermal expansion of the belt.

A 36” diameter drum accommodates a variety of belt widths from 4 ½” to 16” wide. The maximum incline is only limited by product stability and slippage.

To learn more about Nercon’s product offerings or if you have an application that needs to be analyzed, please visit our website at www.nerconconveyors.com

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