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Nercon Saves Time & Floorspace with Draper Z Incline Conveyor

April 27, 2023

At Nercon, we’re always working to create additional flexibility and efficiency in package handling and line layout for our customers. This commitment was a driving factor in our launch of the Nercon Draper Z Incline Conveyor, a conveyor designed to reduce time consumed by changeovers and to provide the elevation changes needed to get products to the next production stage. And there’s another key benefit too: The Draper frees up floor space for forklift aisles, walkways, and other purposes.

How It Works: The Draper’s second belt drapes gently over products of many sizes and primary packaging types, keeping the product correctly oriented as it moves forward on the incline or declines on its way to the next production step.


5 Reasons Manufacturers Will Be Excited About the Draper Z Incline Conveyor

As conveyor innovators, we live and breathe the design and engineering of different conveyor equipment. The Draper Z Incline is a new capability for our family of conveyors, and we think manufacturers will be especially interested in these benefits:

#1. Eliminates changeover adjustments  – Whether you’re changing from cans to cases of cat food, or interrupting packing of sliced cheese pouches for a small order for rigid-pack cheese snacks, the Draper needs no adjustment, not even line speed.

#2. Takes advantage of vertical space – The Draper is available in fixed angles of 60, 45, and 30 degrees to minimize the line’s footprint, and provide safe access to hard-to-reach areas and machines.

#3. Removes the need for grippers or spiral conveyors – Products incline and decline on a single piece of equipment, eliminating the need for bulky, more costly spiral conveyors. The upper-belt design eliminates the need for grippers, which can damage packaging.

#4. Designed with Nercon’s ProcCore® Advantage –  Every conveyor in the ProCore line is designed for flexibility, tested for increased up-time performance, manufactured in our Wisconsin facility for quick delivery, and competitively priced. While the Draper is not yet a part of the ProCore family, it has been designed to meet ProCore requirements for proven performance and integrates smoothly with the rest of the standardized ProCore equipment. 

#5. No special replacement belt – The Draper uses a standard conveyor belt, making replacement faster, easier, and less costly.


6 to 8 Weeks is Standard Delivery

The Draper Z Incline is manufactured in Nercon’s Wisconsin facility, which allows us to control both quality and delivery times. We consistently deliver the Draper within six to eight weeks of order.



See the Draper at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023

You can see the Draper Z Incline in action in booth #C2214 at PACK EXPO Las Vegas this September. You can also view the Draper video, product sheetand other resources on our website. Or, contact our experts if you’d like to discuss eliminating changeovers and gaining floor space on your production line. We’d love to talk conveyor with you!

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