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Sanitary Leg Design Reduces Purchase Costs and Meets Sanitary Guidelines

January 22, 2013

Sanitary Leg of a ConveyorNow in hundreds of feet of sanitary conveyor lines, Nercon’s sanitary channel support proves to meet government compliance in most food handling industries and is cost effective.

The sanitary channel design features wide angles that do not harbor bacteria and are very easy to clean. The adjustable foot is spaced off from the support leg with bolted standoffs and has a widened adjustment slot for easy cleaning. The sanitary channel support offers a 30% savings over a tube style support.

When compared to a tube support, the sanitary channel offers a higher degree of sanitation at a lower cost point. The enclosed construction of tube supports pose a potential problem for bacteria growth inside the tube, particularly if the tube has a threaded foot or if it is ever penetrated or drilled into for other reasons. Tube construction is more labor intensive which adds cost.

Nercon’s conveyors are built to specific agency or government compliance on each project. In our experience, compliance can be different between plants even in the same organization. We also recognize that most regulations involve not only requirements for materials and construction, but also for the sanitation process. Nercon’s sanitary construction planning approach is to build to the agency compliance specification with the collaboration of the company’s food safety specialists and to work with the project team to increase cleaning efficiencies on the system whenever possible. The sanitary channel support, a relatively new offering, is a result of collaboration with food manufacturing customers, food safety technicians and Nercon’s process improvement engineering managers.

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