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Starwheels - For Inline Package Reorientation

March 09, 2012

Star-wheels are planned into systems where in-line product re-orientation is required. Nercon has engineered and manufactured star-wheel devices to reorient many types and sizes of packages.

Over the years, Nercon has manufactured both non-powered and powered star-wheel devices. Non-powered star-wheels, like in the video, utilize product back-pressure to turn the device and reorient the package.

Depending on the product, special engineering may be needed to transport product entering and exiting the star-wheel device to make sure the package is handled carefully and maintains its integrity throughout the reorientation.

Having designed many of these star-wheel devices, Nercon’s engineers can recommend the best suited specifications, conveyors and speeds for your star-wheel application.  For more information and videos on shop floor highlights, sign up for this blog!

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