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What Makes Nercon’s Spirex™ a Best-Selling Spiral Conveyor for Vertical Solutions?

October 07, 2021

The short (or actually tall) answer is because the Spirex™ is 24 feet high and instantly adds extra vertical capacity to your conveyor systems and production floors in as little as 12 weeks. But that’s not all that makes this one of Nercon’s best-selling conveyor systems.

Nercon’s Spirex™ vertical conveyor solution is a customer favorite that’s generally used for end-of-line loading into the packaging area. As high demand for many products continues, manufacturers continue to seek ways to add capacity and move more products into already jam-packed facilities. Because the Spirex™ is a modular system with a small footprint, it provides a ready solution for a variety of manufacturers.

Featured recently at PACK EXPO 2021, Nercon demonstrated the Spirex™ as part of a complete conveyor system set up at the Expo to showcase a variety of conveyor solutions in one spot.

“Whenever we set up and demonstrate our conveyor systems at shows like this, people always want to explore our solutions and find out more,” said Debbie Hoff, Nercon’s Integrated Marketing Specialist. “This expo was no different and there was a lot of interest in our Spirex™ vertical solution since space on the production floor is such a hot topic today.”

“When customers don’t have room on the production floor anymore, they start adding vertical conveyor systems to the mix,” says Jeff Falash, Nercon R&D Manager. “Because the Spirex™ is part of our ProCore® modular line, we most often see this unit being purchased as an add-on for just this reason because we can provide it faster than a fully-customized solution and find a way to work within a customer’s current production facility footprint. Since it's modular, we still can customize the solution—even in the field if necessary—to the height the customer is looking for. After that, the customer can also adjust the heights as needed to fit future conveying needs.”

But that's not the only place it’s used.

“We’ve also seen it used for forklift paths as well,” Falash added.

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Big Benefits of the Compact-Sized Spirex™ Vertical Conveyor

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  1. Small Footprint: When space is tight, the Spirex can be installed in as little as 36 square feet of space.
  2. Flexibility: The Spirex vertical conveyor can be configured in a variety of in-feed and discharge height combinations, and high- and low-speed applications. Its modular design by nature makes it easy to modify for future needs as well.
  3. Electricity Consumption Savings: The Spirex low-friction chain design allows for longer chain pulls with smaller HP motors, saving costs on electricity consumption.
  4.  Easy to Clean: Nercon’s Spirex spiral conveyor has been purposefully engineered with a solid formed center support to minimize dust, dirt and debris build-up on the inside. “This is better for the manufacturing environment, sanitary or not,” Falash added. “It’s easy to wipe down, blow off or keep clean.” Constructed in either stainless steel or mild steel, the Spirex™ is a smart choice in food and beverage production facilities.
  5. Smooth, Simple Operation: “One of the things our customers like the most is that the conveyor is simple to operate and runs smoothly for a long time without needing maintenance,” Falash explained. It is designed with a uniform slope and a continuously moving tabletop chain that ensures smooth operation without disturbing the product, making it ideal for fragile products that cannot handle impact or gripping.
  6. Reliability: To become part of Nercon’s ProCore® line, each conveyor solution must be extensively tested for increased up-time performance before getting the ProCore® stamp. Nercon’s Spirex Conveyor was no different and ran 24/7 for more than a year without stopping. “That’s the equivalent of 3 years in the manufacturing world when you take shifts into consideration,” explained Falash. “That’s a long time for something to be running continuously without failure. When it was new, we wanted to know what the maximum pulls were going to be, so we tested it and are constantly improving the design as we do with all our ProCore® modular conveyor systems.”


The Spirex™ conveyor from Nercon provides a compact solution to gently elevate or lower a variety of products in a production line. With attractive pricing, a robust design, and the capability of handling cartons, pouches, bottles and bundles, the Spirex™ is an ideal choice for new projects or line modifications that require elevation changes.



If you're looking for a system that gently carries products between floors or machines, or over aisles while occupying minimal floor space,

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