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What are the differences in conveyor frame designs?

January 28, 2015

Conveyor FrameThe standard for an open top design on tabletop style conveyors feature inverted “ L “ side frames that provide chain and guide rail bracket support, shown on the left photo. Open-top frames are used in most product handling environments.

The closed top cross section shown in the center is intended for use in cleaning where the raised wear-strip blocks spilled product from becoming trapped inside the frame. A quick hose flush will normally remove spilled product. The closed top frame is utilized in most construction levels EXCEPT for the highest sanitary levels that utilize open concept frame like the tubular frame in the upper right.

The tubular frame design is used in the extreme sanitary conveyor construction levels. Formed tube frames are found in process rooms for handling raw food. This is the most costly option because there is extensive labor involved with welding, grinding and polishing.

For more information, download our white paper “Leveraging Sanitary Conveyor Construction Levels.”

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