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What is the difference between an Inline Transfer and a Parallel Transfer?

June 21, 2012

Inline TransferParallel TransferBoth inline and parallel transfers are used in packaging handling conveyor lines when ending one chain in a conveyor layout and beginning another section. They require a 1/16” gap between the chains.

On an in-line transfer, the product flow is straight through the module.  An inline transfer has smoother product handling benefits and options such as tent covers which are easier to install with an in-line transfer.  In-line transfers require side-flex chains because of their design.

The product flow in a parallel transfer is either right to left or left to right.  The offset distance is the width of the conveyor.  While the chain pull requirements are less on a parallel transfer, this transfer solution does use more footprint.

These transfers can use either side-flex or straight running chains depending on the layout upstream and downstream of the transfer.

In-line transfers are slightly higher in cost, but the benefits are better product handling.

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