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Diverter Gates & Guides


Conveyor Equipment for Diverting Solutions

Nercon has created diverting equipment to help move round or irregular-shaped products from a single lane to different locations. When products need the proper diverting within a production line, Nercon's diverter gates and guides offer an excellent solution. 

Divert Gate

Controlling the continuous flow of products through the line is critical to maintain efficiency. Depending on the product and flow path, to maintain production efficiency, diverters must be used. Nercon's Diverter Gates help change the direction of flow of bulk products as they are discharged from equipment upstream. Bulk products can be diverted to a single stream or multiple locations. Diverter Gates are often used to separate products based on certain attributes or control product flow to specific areas. 

Diverter Gates consist of a pivoting gate blade, most times located inside an inverted Y-shaped frame. The gate blade can be positioned to divert bulk materials to either side of the housing. The gate blade can be moved manually, pneumatically, or by electrical or Servo technology.

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Divert Guides

Product can also be diverted using guides. Guides are used to divert products without needing assistance from a gate or stop. Guides can be implemented with servo technology or installed as a static or swing guide.  


Static Guide | Fixed Diverter

Servo Guide

Swing Guide | Divert Arm

  • Stationary guides attached to one conveyor puts pressure on a mass flow of products to divert product to another location
  • Can be a single angled arm across the conveyor to divert product to one side or lane, or in a V shape for two lane direction
  • Servo driven guides swing and push to direct a stream of product into the designated lane or location
  • Servo guides can be used in many different ways, talk with our experts to figure out how Servo can meet your production needs
  • Single arm that swings to direct product onto a new conveyor lane without the use of stops before the diverting process
  • The arm can be moved manually or by pneumatic, electric or Servo technology


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Divert Gate & Guides

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