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Servo Mergers, Collators, Metering Belts & Sweeps

Servo Technology

Servo Solutions for Product Position and Speed Control

In the product and material handling equipment industry, servo technology provides highly accurate position and speed control on conveyor systems. Through merging, reorientation, metering, and packing operations, servo provides innovative technology to improve any production line.


The Servo Sweep,  was designed with servo technology to provide high speed single product 90 degree reorientation. The Servo Sweep reorientation device is very reliable and uses a small footprint compared to other reorientation possibilities. The Servo Sweep offers a high transfer rate and can be configured into plant layouts easily. This reorientation device is very reliable and uses a small footprint compared to other reorientation possibilities.

This servo sweep provides 90 degree transfer from one lane infeed to two lane discharge. This right angle diverter can also be engineered for cold room conveying. The Servo Sweep has been engineered for cartons, trays and overwrapped products.

The Overhead Sweep was designed to use servo technology to change product orientation 180 degrees at 175 products per minute. Slugs of product were created and combined downstream. The throughput of the entire system, including a second merge conveyor, was 250 products per minute.Request a Quote



High speed collation of packages can be accomplished with Nercon’s Servo Collator. The dual servo drive arrangement can take multiple lanes of packages and present an aligned group for collation. The Servo Collator is normally located before bundlers, tray packers and shrink-wrapping equipment. This unit has been used to collate bundles of cereal, snacks and soft drinks. Depending on the required configuration, the unit can present cartons straight on, or turn the cartons 90 degrees. The normal rate is 45 groups per minute, depending on the size of the product or package. The servo collator can present packages or products in groups for multi-SKU case packing operations.


Timing Belts

Servo driven timing belts allow for zero contact metering of product. Servo-controlled conveyors provide an evenly spaced product flow. Speed merges are programmable up to 200 products per minute depending on the product or package.

Typical applications for Servo Belts include:

  • Spacing products between wrapping and sleeving equipment
  • Merging products at high speeds
  • Combining products at high speeds
  • Spacing products to travel under a labeler
  • Positive spacing into puck inserting equipment

Best use applications for servo belts are low profile packages in high volume production environments.  Trays, pouches, cartons and low-height bulk products are favored package types that remain their integrity for the inertia and speeds possible with servo technology.


Servo Lane Merge 

The laning merge system accepts pouches and both raw and packaged food from an upstream conveying system. The benefit of this merging conveyor system is to capture randomly spaced products and automatically meter them into a single controlled line. The Servo-controlled system identifies the position and sets up the required timing to release products, so they end up in a single lane without causing any jams.

The standard lane merges are built as:

  • 4-to-1
  • 3-to-1
  • 2-to-1

Talk to an expert about which configuration is right for your production line. 


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Servo Technology

3-to-1 Servo Lane Merge

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