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Product Turns

Product Turning

There are a few different methods and devices for turning a package while remaining on the same surface. A layout configuration might include a right angle transfer which also changes the direction of the package.  The type of solution is dependent on the characteristics of the product or package as well as the rates of the application.

A bump turn device facilitates the reorientation of product traveling on a conveyor. These devices come in as many configurations as the packages themselves. The bump can be a bar, an arrangement of the guide rail, a roller or a special UHMW shape.

In every instance, the single bump can reorient the package 90 degrees and is a non-controlled mechanical conveying solution. Multiple bump turns are needed for rotations greater than 90 degrees. Bump turning devices have been engineered to handle cartons, trays and cases.

Challenges for bump turning devices include matching the speeds of the system with the impact of the package. Some package types cannot take impact over a certain amount of force to prevent product damage. Another application challenge is to rotate products from narrow edge leading to wide edge leading. Nercon's application specialists will help provide the best solution for turning the product.

A dual lane turning method can change the axis of the package to 180 degrees.


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Product Turning


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