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Rolco Serpentine Accumulator Conveyor

The unique Rolco serpentine accumulator allows product to be received at any rate while product is being discharged at the same or at a different rate. After the product is staged on the infeed conveyor, the infeed pusher transfers them onto a strip off deck and retracts to allow the next group of product to be staged. At the same time, a product carrier comes up through the deck and picks up and transports the product upward, stopping when the next carrier is positioned under the strip off deck.

Product is typically discharged on the opposite side of the machine, where if downstream equipment is operational, a full carrier will come through a strip off deck, depositing the product on top of it. A discharge pusher will transfer it onto the takeaway conveyor. In normal operation, when downstream equipment is operating, the Rolco accumulator is nothing more than a conveyor, dispensing product in the same order as received from the generating unit. Because downstream equipment is usually faster, the accumulated product is gradually pulled out of the accumulator, getting back to one for one with the generating unit.


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Rolco Serpentine Accum

Frozen Food Accumulator

Stainless Steel unit for handling products in the food industry. Unit is made for a complete wash down environment.

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