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Successive Laner


Increase Production Output with Continuous Laner

Nercon’s successive laner is a pattern forming machine that takes a single lane of products and automatically divides a certain amount of the product into multiple lanes. The continuous flow of this laner allows the processing line to continue moving even through the laning process allowing for product to be moved at a faster speed increasing production output.

To ensure product security, the laner is built with guides to support both sides of cans, bottles and cases during lane shifts ensuring products will not topple or shift during the laning process. The automation capabilities of the successive laner also makes for easy customization of the equipment to safely distribute the product to the proper location according to the manufacturer’s needs. 


  • Consistent laning without stoppage in container flow
  • Precise and consistent container positioning

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Successive Laner

Bottle Handling on Successive Laner

  • Round and Non-Round Bottles
  • Cans
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