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Pressureless Combiner | Single Filer

Pressureless Combiner Conveyor

Conveyor Equipment for Combining Solutions 

Nercon's combining conveyors move round or irregular-shaped products from a mass flow of products into a single lane. When products need to move smoothly within a production line without damage or harm, Nercon's pressureless combiner and single filer offer the perfect solution.

Pressureless Combiner

The Pressureless Combiner uses multi-strand chains to gently move containers from mass flow into a single file. The multi-strand chains use progressive acceleration to pull round and non-round containers apart while eliminating back pressure. With no back pressure, this combining method prevents scratching, denting and breakage of the label and the container. 

Another advantage of pressureless combining is that very little rail adjustment is needed with product changeover. In fact, this zero-pressure combiner is designed to single-file unstable and non-round, odd-shaped containers, or any container where delicate handling is required. Guide rail systems are designed to meet customer specifications and conveying product requirements. Request a Quote


Single Filer

Single file conveyors, which move at a slower rate than the pressureless combiner, are designed to take a product that is in mass flow or accumulation and return that product to a single file so it can progress further down the production line. Commonly paired with Nercon’s re-flow accumulation table, the single filing conveyor arranges product accumulation zones into a single line as production rates increase during discharge offering optimum running performance.

Easily integrated with existing production lines, Nercon’s single filing conveyor moves stable, round containers such as canisters, jars, bottles, and cans providing a consistent production flow of products to downstream equipment. 


Product Handling Applications

Nercon's conveyor specialists can utilize a full range of tabletop and high-performance plastic MatTop carrying chains best suited for both applications. 

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Pressureless Combiner & Single Filer

Combining Conveyor

Pressureless Combiner

Multiple belts and carefully calculated chain speeds ensure that the product is conveyed single file.

  • Round and Non-Round Bottles
  • Cans
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