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Re-Flow Accumulation Table

Accumulation Conveyor for Optimum Product Throughput

Nercon’s Re-Flow accumulation conveyor allows for smooth in-line product accumulation during downstream downtime events or changeovers. Utilizing a small footprint compared to the large storage capacity, the recirculating conveyor has the ability to accumulate and single file products, controlling product flow to the next manufacturing process. The ability to recirculate products during a downstream pause or backup is critical to overall production efficiency. Positioning Nercon’s re-flow accumulation table in key locations on a production line creates a consistent product flow ensuring optimum product throughput.  

Configurable for a variety of product sizes and materials, the unique single filing concept of the recirculating accumulator ensures smooth combining of containers both round and irregular shaped. Two conveyor belts move in opposite flow directions creating a buffer zone in a small footprint. The recirculating design relieves back pressure in the combining area, and aids in overall accumulation pressure relief. Products begin to recirculate on the conveyor table and accumulate during a downstream backup. Upstream equipment continues running as containers are continuously being fed into the accumulation area maintaining a steady upstream production flow.

Re-flow with center lane infeed / discharge.

Re-flow with side transfer infeed.  Product flow direction at infeed the opposite of the discharge.

Re-flow with side transfer infeed. Product flow direction at infeed the same as the discharge.



Handling of Irregular Shaped Products

 The uniqueness of the re-flow accumulation table is in the handling of irregular shaped products. Angled rails align the long axis of the product in the direction of travel. The single filer area is set to allow the short axis of the product to pass through. A rotating post helps align the product to the correct orientation. The offset pressure relief designed into the single filing area will allow a single row of products to continue through the discharge. If more than a single row of products are present in the single filing area, they are gathered onto the return flow side of the table and recirculate to accumulation area or single filed for discharge.

Seamless Integration

Nercon works with manufacturers to create an accumulation solution based on product size, shape, weight, material and speed requirements. Current available floor space and future expansions are also taken into consideration. Customers are encouraged to send product samples for the testing phase of Nercon’s assembly process. Nercon believes testing is key to ensuring a smooth installation for our customers when integrating into a current production line.


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