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Zero Tangent Turn

When it comes to maximizing production floor space, Nercon’s Zero Tangent Radius (ZTR) conveyor component offers an innovative solution. With this technology, ZTR can achieve a constant inner radius regardless of the belt width, eliminating the need for a straight conveyor section before and after a curve. This significant reduction in footprint creates the most efficient use of available production floor space.

The ZTR technology goes beyond space efficiency; it also enhances product performance. By ensuring product orientation and integrity during tight transfers, it meets the highest standards of reliability. The flat-top construction reduces catch points, contributing to improved safety. Furthermore, the ZTR component is well-equipped to handle even the most challenging tasks, such as managing hard-to-handle packages, heavier loads, and faster conveyor speeds.

The foundation of the ZTR design is a commitment to reliability. We've designed it with features like lug-tooth style sprockets and a positive drive system, ensuring better durability and reducing the likelihood of maintenance issues. The symmetric drive design simplifies assembly and installation, saving you valuable time. Additionally, the construction of the belt itself is optimized to improve overall performance and longevity.

The innovative construction of the ZTR conveyor component has been carefully engineered to reduce maintenance and operational costs. By eliminating common issues like belt mistracking, we provide a system that runs smoothly and reliably. Additionally, our design incorporates easy identifiers on sprockets and sprocket pockets, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free assembly process. Choose Nercon's ZTR component for a conveyor system that combines space optimization, reliability, and superior performance.

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Zero Tangent Radius Conveyor

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