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Innovative Sanitary Wire Mesh Conveyor Design

Sanitary wire mesh conveyor system offers a smooth, sustainable solution for applications prone to debris and buildup. With metal detectable characteristics, sanitary wire mesh conveyors increase hygiene and food safety and reduce contamination issues.  Sanitary wire mesh belting retains product quality, giving foods the gentile support needed to move small or delicate foods through production lines without damage, allowing for increased product throughput. Products are able to move from belt to belt seamlessly with our noser, designed to be completely removed for cleanabilty, making this conveyor system suitable for clean in place or clean out of place hygienic practices. These benefits make sanitary wire mesh conveyors a practical choice for food manufactures.


Easy-to-Clean Features

Factors to consider when sourcing the right hygienic conveyor that will safely and efficiently move your material through a sanitary conveyor line.

1 Sanitary Angled Frame Construction Angled construction minimizes bacteria growth vs. tubular design which can have microscopic holes creating bacteria caves.
2 Take-up Chain Release

Ability for one person to release belt on either side of conveyor saving steps by not having to walk around entire line.

3 Channeled Supports and Standoffs

Supports and standoffs are channeled in shape and angled keeping flat surfaces to a minimum so water does not accumulate.

4 Clean-out Slots

Large clean-out slot or hole openings facilitate mid-production washdown. 

5 Removable Guide Rails

Improved removable guide rails lock in place for more stability and are easily removed for COP.


New Sanitary COP Adjustable Noser

Adjustable Sanitary Noser COP Noser Sanitary Noser
  • + or - 1" adjustment increments so tweaks can be made in the field
  • One solid piece eliminating contamination point due to seam
  • Removable roller for easy COP
  • Completely removable for sanitation
  • Snaps in and out of place


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Sanitary Wire Mesh Conveyor

Angled Construction

Conveyor solution designed for unpackaged raw, cooked and frozen foods.

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