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Optimizing Expansion & Cost: Nercon Customers Get Strategic with Stand-Alone Purchases of Conveyor Equipment

December 20, 2023

Doing more with less has always been a manufacturing mantra, and in 2024, companies need innovation and creativity to get it done. While Nercon is known in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry for ProCore® quality in complete conveyor systems, this year we expect more customers will invest in single pieces of conveyor equipment. Whether customers need an entire conveyor system or a single washdown spiral or rotary accumulation table, we can help them balance cost containment with growth goals.

Creating Big Impact with a Single Piece of Conveyor Equipment

Upgrades to existing equipment are a common reason manufacturers need a single piece of conveyor equipment. However, there are other situations in which stand-alone pieces can make a difference, too:

  • Reconfiguring a line for new products. Equipment like the Draper Z Incline and the Gripper Elevator helps manufacturers get new products or existing products in new packaging from point A to point B. The Hand Pack Station allows for various configurations when companies want to increase ergonomics and efficiency on semi-automated packaging lines.
  • Production increases. When demand for increased product throughput changes line dynamics, manufacturers can add pieces like the Re-Flow Accumulation Table or Rotary Accumulation Table to create buffering for consistent product flow. The Bi-Directional Accumulation Table can be added to maintain maximum production efficiency and prevent bottlenecks and downtime.
  • Relocating an existing line. Reconfiguration of the plant floor can create new constraints with traffic flow and space. A stand-alone solution such as the Z Incline Conveyor or the Spirex™ can solve these types of constraint issues.


Isn’t Purchasing a Standalone Piece a Risk?

Adding a single piece to a line does take some work, and there may be uncertainty about how well it will integrate. Nercon aims to reduce the hassle and the risk in several ways:

  • The ProCore family of conveyor equipment is designed to integrate seamlessly. Every piece of ProCore equipment is highly engineered for quality, designed for flexibility, and tested for increased up-time performance. Adding stand-alone ProCore equipment maintains consistent high quality across the entire line.
  • Nercon’s solid understanding of conveyor and conveyor equipment integration translates into a faster, seamless integration experience for our customers. We provide documentation and are always responsive when questions come up.
  • Assurance up front. Our conveyor experts regularly have in-depth discussions with manufacturers about integration details specific to their lines, so buyers know what they can expect with their integration before they buy.

Nercon ProCore conveyor equipment is very competitively priced. In addition, we have some of the shortest lead times in the industry: 6 to 8 weeks. When a customer needs a single piece in an even shorter time frame, we can usually deliver. 

Our list of conveyor equipment commonly purchased as standalone is below.  If you’d like to explore the strategy of stand-alone conveyor equipment or an entire system, get in touch with our experts at 844-293-2814 or online.


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