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Available in 6", 12", 18” and 24"

MatTop Conveyor System

Committed to Quality MatTop Conveyor

Nercon’s MatTop conveyors are a versatile conveyor system that provides maximum flexibility and reliability for packaging applications of various sizes, shapes, and weights requiring gentle and smooth conveying. Our corrosion resistant modular plastic mattop belt allows for easy cleaning and low maintenance plus side-turning belt construction supports product transportation in minimal floor space, turns and spirals. Flat top, radius, friction top, straight plastic and low back pressure roller top belt options give additional flexibility to meet a variety of product handling needs, including curves, straights, metering, inclines and declines.


  • Design flexibility, ease of layout
  • Efficient and gentle handling
  • Low noise level
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Fixed or variable speed options

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Dynamic Transfer Section vs Dead Plate Transfer

The Dynamic Transfer Section allows manufacturers to make tighter turns in a smaller floor space. Capable of handling a variety of product sizes, types, and shapes, the dynamic transfer section features a smooth, live transfer without the use of a dead plate, keeping even the last products moving and ensuring product stability and integrity.


Dynamic Transfer Section

Dead Plate Transfer

12" to 12" DTS Turn Dead Plate Chain Path
Dynamic Transfer Section Dead Plate Transfer


Retractable Noser

Closed Partially Open Open

Image density enhanced for noser distinction

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MatTop Conveyors

12" to 12" DTS Assembly with Guide Rails

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