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Available in 3.25", 4.5", 7.5" and 12"

Our TableTop conveyor systems are built to work almost anywhere in your production line. We have engineered these conveyors for maximum performance, reliable operation and line versatility, while also being our most cost-effective solution. These systems can provide solutions for the widest variety of material handling applications, such as:

  • High-speed transporting
  • Merging and Diverting
  • Accumulating
  • Sorting
  • Single filing
  • Inclining and Declining
  • Product filling
  • Weighing
  • Labeling
  • Product inspection


TableTop Conveyor with Product

Environment & Applications

The environment where your conveyor will be placed has a significant impact on performance; wet or dry, hot or cold, high humidity levels or even changing conditions from season-to-season. Because of all these unique conditions, our TableTop conveyors can be designed for use in many environmental conditions ranging from caustic washdown in a strict clean room to dry, wipe down on a rugged shop floor.

Known for providing gentle product transportation, TableTop conveyor systems are an ideal way to transport various sizes, shapes and weights of:

  • Cans and Bottles
  • Jars and Glass
  • Cartons and Cases
  • Plastic containers
  • Pouches
  • Tissues



Conveyor Design

We work with you to create a TableTop conveyor system that best fits your specific application, product and environmental needs utilizing our expertly designed ProCore® configurations. ProCore combines our years of application experience and manufacturing expertise to provide you with our best conveyor at the lowest price and fastest delivery.

Options include:

  • Mild or stainless steel construction
  • Clean-out holes
  • Adjustable or fixed side guide rails
  • 90 or 180 degree disc turns
  • Cope sections for elevation changes
  • Tent covers and drip pans
  • Single or double high guide rails
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Tabletop Conveyor

Carton Handling TableTop Conveyor

Tabletop Open Design

Open Top
The industry standard for industrial duty TableTop Conveyors features inverted "L" side frames to provide rigid chain and guiderail bracket support.

Tabletop Closed Design

Closed Top
Intended for use on TableTop Conveyors where ease of cleaning is required.

Tabletop Safety Design

Safety Design
Nercon's Safe Design 12” Wide TableTop Chain Conveyor has a new frame and wearstrip design that minimizes dangerous pinch-point areas, helping to reduce safety incidents and down-times associated with pinch-point accidents.

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